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'The City Forever' took place from 14 till 23 April, 2012.

The VPRO broadcaster is staging a follow-up to the successful ‘Eeuw van de Stad’ project organised in partnership with the 4th IABR in 2009. Entitled ‘The City Forever’, the new series looks at the city, its makers and its inhabitants during two weeks of programs on radio, television and internet, and in the VPRO’s program guide. 

Starting on 14 April various television programs will examine urbanisation from different perspectives. The Tegenlicht series, for example, is airing a documentary about the ‘liveable city’, the high-tech city of the future developed by the German electronics giant Siemens. Vrije Geluiden will devote an episode to city sounds and composers who have found inspiration in the city. Other programmes that will touch on the theme of ‘The City Forever’ are: Labyrint, Boeken, Andere Tijden, Vrije Geluiden, Motel de Jong, Villa Achterwerk and Dorst.

Programs on radio will also provide in-depth coverage of the theme of ‘The City Forever’. On 19 April the main national public station, Radio 1, will broadcast live from Rotterdam during the official opening of the 5th IABR: Making City. On Sunday 22 April the station will be on air from Katendrecht. And Bureau Buitenland will even feature a live broadcast from Istanbul on Sunday 15 April (date to be confirmed). In addition, programs like Argos, Labyrint Radio, Brands met Boeken and De Avonden will devote attention to city-making. 

The digital theme channels Wetenschap24, Holland Doc 24 and Geschiedenis 24 will also explore aspects of city-making. Holland Doc 24, for example, will broadcast short ‘dream city films’ about citizen initiatives that improve the city and life in the city. Funded in part by the Netherlands Architecture Fund, the films feature everything from citizens who build their own eco-homes to a restaurant that rescues neighbourhood residents from their isolation. The best projects have a chance of winning a public prize and a jury prize during the 5th IABR: Making City.

Program guide
A special issue of the VPRO programme guide devoted to ‘The City Forever’ and the IABR is being produced in partnership with the IABR. This guide also contains the complete programme for the 5th IABR: Making City.

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