Symposium 'Urban green-blue grids'

Location: Netherlands Architecture Institute (auditorium), Rotterdam

Design bureau opMAAT researches ways in which water and green spaces can improve urban liveability and enhanced sustainability. Green blue networks offer greater opportunities for enhancing numerous aspects of city living such as recreation, water management, biodiversity, heat stress management, and stepping up local energy and food production.

Speakers will discuss a selection of integrated green blue urban projects on 26 April. A new book Groenblauwe netwerken voor een duurzame en dynamische stad by Hiltrud Pötz and Pierre Bleuzé will also be launched, and a copy presented to Paula Verhoeven (programme director of Rotterdam Duurzaam).

Time: 9.30 – 14.00 hrs
Language: Dutch and English
Admission: Free
Booking required via: iabr@opmaat.info


09.30 Welcome and coffee

10.00 Presentations:
Henk Ovink (Director of National Spatial Planning for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)
Hiltrud Pötz (Author of Green blue networks)
London Green Grid, Jamie Dean (ELGG Programme lead, Principal Urban Designer, Design for London)
Urban Ecology, Remco Daalder (Urban Ecologist, Amsterdam)
Energy generated by water boards, Ferdinand Kiestra (Waterschap Aa & Maas)
EVA-Lanxmeer, Marleen Kaptein
Singapore, Atelier Dreiseitl (to be confirmed)

13.00 End of symposium and lunch for invited guests

Moderator Corné Nijburg (programme director of the Water Governance Centre)