Press release - Making Almere: who makes the city?

Homeruskwartier, Almere Poort

Who makes the city of Almere? That’s the central question during the architecture festival Making Almere from April 21 until July 29, 2012. The event takes place in Almere as part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). The International New Town Institute (INTI) is curator of the satellite exhibition Making Almere.

The festival Making Almere is about the way the New Town of Almere will transform in the future. In the 1970s, the city was on the drawing boards of several professional designers and planners—without any input from residents. Now, those roles are reversed. Today, the youngest city in the Netherlands is a leader in the development of a new form of urbanism: one where the inhabitants of Almere build their own city. 

Making Almere will be located in the city center in a shop at CityMall Almere. A shop where the visitor doesn’t buy anything, but certainly gets something! A DIY-shop where you can work on ‘the city of the future’ directly: and there is still a lot of city left to be made!
Making Almere Architecture Festival 
Making Almere is located in the shopping heart of the city and is also equipped as a shop. The exhibition showcases the city’s surprising turnaround – from a New Town directed by politicians and designers to a lively city made by many people; a peek at the future of Almere. 

In addition, visitors are challenged to add their own input, designs and contributions to the further development of the city. For example, by participating in “Oosterwold Gaming”, a game about the yet-to-be developed area of Oosterwold in Almere Hout. This is an exhibition that is constantly changing. During Making Almere there will also be several different presentations, debates and public events related to the making of a city. Making Almere is free, fun and educational for all ages. 

The city as an exhibition
Almere has a lot of special architecture and an exceptional planning history. Many buildings and places demonstrate that character and are certainly worth a visit. During the fourteen weeks of Making Almere there will be a new building, district or place in the city spotlighted in a playful way each week. The question: "Who makes the city?" remains central throughout the festival.

With a specially-developed Making Almere smartphone application (free to download) or a handy guidebook, visitors can explore the city independently. Every Saturday there will also be guided tours led by different specialists. 

Making Architecture Manifestation Almere
From 21 April to 29 July 2012
Admission is free
For all ages
Address: Belfry 13, Almere
For the full program, location, directions and opening times:

Making Almere is made possible by the government program RRAAM, the Ministry of Infrastructure and
Environment, the municipality of Almere and Almere City Marketing (ACM).
The International New Town Institute (INTI) is curator of Making Almere.