Official opening 5th IABR

The 5th IABR: Making City starts on 19 April with the opening of the main exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam and the opening of the Test Site Rotterdam. Also on view during the opening are the exhibitions Smart Cities - Parallel Cases 2 (Gallery 3 at the NAI) and Design as Politics (Hofbogen).

The official opening is by invitation only.


From 15.00 Reception at the NAi with coffee and tea.

16.00 Opening 5th IABR: Making City
Welcome and Curator Statement.
Mrs. Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment and the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb, will perform the opening ceremony.

16.40 Visit to the main exposition
Joint toast. You will have the opportunity to visit the main exhibition Making City and the exhibition Smart Cities – Parallel Cases 2, at the NAI.

From 17.30 Walk to the IABR Test Site Rotterdam, location Schieblock
Archiguides will take you on a specially designed ZigZagCity tour right across the city centre of Rotterdam and to the IABR Test Site in Rotterdam Central District.

19.00 Opening IABR Test Site Rotterdam
Welcome and Curator Statement.
Mrs. Antoinette Laan, Alderman of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture will perform the opening of the IABR Test Site Rotterdam.

19.30 Experience the Test Site Rotterdam
You will have the opportunity to visit the IABR exhibitions: I / We / You Make Rotterdam, Making Douala en Design as Politics. On the Test Site you will find a diversity of ‘pop-up stores’ and a varied offer of food and beverages. From 20.30 the opening celebrations of festival Motel Mozaique will take place.