Atelier Making Projects

The 5th IABR: Making City and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands have jointly set up the Atelier Making Projects. For a period of one year, this Atelier will conduct additional design research into seven national projects: Zuidas development zone, Rotterdam South, Rhine-Meuse Delta, Transport Interchanges, Green-Blue Delta, Olympic Main Structure and Almere. The atelier offers space to further deepen and extend the forms of cooperation.

The Atelier Making Projects demonstrates that public, private and cultural organisations can work successfully on urban assignments. Within these alliances the central government can test its active role in the spatial planning of the Netherlands. From April 2012 on the results will be shown in the main exhibition entitled Making City at the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam.

Project team

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment 

Chris Kuijpers, Director General Spatial Development and Water

Lidewijde Ongering, Director General Mobility and Transport

Henk Ovink, Director of National Spatial Planning

Elien Wierenga, project manager Atelier Making Projects

Tis Solleveld van Helden, project assistant 

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

Annemie Burger, Director General for Nature and Regional policy 

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

Mark Frequin, Director General Housing, Communities and Integration

Paul Gerretsen Ontwerpen

Paul Gerretsen, project manager Atelier Making Projects


Jelte Boeijenga, editor